A List Of Changes Made To The Runescape

Broadcast Announcements, also known as Server-wide Announcements or News Feed, re a feature that allows certain news as well as Runescape player accomplishments to be displayed to all other players in the Chat box. Apart from Certain messages are displayed across every server, others are broadcast across the server on which the player is logged in.

Runescape updates

Any achievement is displayed to the Runescape player’s friends. Messages that are server specific are displayed in orange, worldwide messages in red, and messages to friends in green. Runescape Game announcements will appear in yellow. Jagex Moderators have the ability to send special global announcements.

Prior to the New Interface System, a Runescape player’s achievements were only displayed to everyone if they had their private chat set to on; they were displayed to any friend so long as their private was not set to off. After NIS, these broadcasts cannot be turned off, and are still shown to other players even if both the private chat, online status and game announcements are set to off.

Originally, Runescape players have the option to toggle these announcements on or off in their chatbox by filtered with the rest of the game messages. And now, only one ways that filter the game announcements.

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