Albion Online Next Major Patch: FAKE

Currently, according to the MMORPG of Sandbox Interactive, its 4th major Patch was enhanced, what’s more, it was called a sweet name: FAKE. Regarding the new patch, it will arrive this November 23, on top of that, it can bring a lot of innovations as well as improvements of gameplay. Are you decide to buy albion online gold right now?11185

Since the first quarter of 2016, Albion Online has seen its release date constantly rejected, leaving the developers time to refine the content of the game. This new patch entitled FAYE will allow us to traverse a new biome: the Forest.

Here the Foolish Heretics and the Ancient Guardians of Albion have taken up residence to protect the nature of the greedy adventurers who have come to plunder it. This biome will bring a place of harvesting of stones, skins, but especially of wood. But magic forests are not safe for harvesters because trees will come alive to protect their natural habitat. More players are more tend to buy albion online silver as soon as possible.

Since the release of the final beta of Albion Online, Guild territories were reserved for the Territories. Nevertheless with this new patch, the guilds will be able to defend their resources even on the Royal Lands.

Persistent mounts will delight harvesters, providing them with a constant speed bonus as long as they stay within reach. This will allow them to escape more easily in case of enemy attack. Moreover, the preventive appearance of the names will leave them the opportunity to see the close players before they appear on the screen, whether allied or enemy.

A new refining object will now be required for Tier 4 resources and more: Essences. These can only be obtained by killing enemies of level equal to the refined resource. The Fragments of Artifacts have been replaced by magical materials but are still used for the creation of Artifacts.

With respect to the material transmutation building, it has been removed from the game. For its function, it can now available directly by refinery buildings, more inportantly, it needn’t to cost more money, nonetheless, it has a certain amount of resources. Ultimately, with the time pushing, buildings now suffer damage.increasing with their level. You need to do something such as periodically repair it and make sure to that it will become unusable under 10% Life Points. In a nutshell, Albion Online is indeed so prevalent, to that end, many of players don’t mind spending more money on buying cheap albion online silver.

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