Analysis: MU Legend Pleases Old And New Players

After two years of waiting and several Closed Betas, Mu Legend was finally released in Open Beta with a lot of hype, mainly by the great community of MU Online that lasts in Brazil to this day.

How could it be otherwise the servers were quickly crowded and queues of thousands of players are still formed even after the 5th day of launch, something totally normal for the launch of a renowned title.


Creating The Character

Right away we can see the return of 4 classes of MU Online, Dark Lord, Blader and War Mage. The novelty is the Whisperer, new class inspired by Fairy Elf. Classes are gender-locked, which is no surprise to fans, but it may displease novice franchisees.

Character customization in turn allows for basic changes like styling, hair tone, face and body tattooing, and overall face style that are overcome by the variety of options available and the focus of the game.


In MU Legend the player plays a character who finds himself in charge of going back in time to try to change the future in order to prevent the Demon Kundun can complete the resurrection of the Demon God. With each mission new information to find out who it really is and what its purpose in this universe is revealed.

The plot is engaging and full of twists and does not present initially the cliche of “Kingdom A has to end with Kingdom B”, present in several titles of the genre, which is already a positive point and forces the player to complete every moment a dungeon.


Developed using the Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine, the title manages to deliver a pleasing experience with lush, polished isometric graphics and detailed ambiance, as well as smooth strokes and full of graphic effects in the best MU style at the same time it is not done necessary for the use of machines with such robust configurations.

Some players may miss the brilliance of their predecessor’s abilities and equipment, which in MU Legend have clearly been reduced to less vibrant tones in order to provide a cleaner image with less visual pollution, but such a factor can be revised by disabling smoothing in settings graphics of the game.

Build and Skills

The skills and build system is even simpler and more intuitive. The game has two levels, the character and the soul call (attributes), which progress independently.

New abilities are unlocked at a certain level up to 61 and are divided by the type of weapon equipped and can be improved according to use in up to 3 levels, at each level a seal space that provides varied bonuses to this ability is unlocked. In addition there are 3 superior (passive) abilities that can be unlocked at levels 25, 45 and 65.

For the build, the game has a system called “Enema Box” with attributes that give bonus attacks to increase the exp gain and that can be improved with the soul points.

The build system (attributes), although basic, allows players to have a certain variety and differentiate themselves from other players.

Combat System

The Hack and Slash combat system, the new trend of the genre, and referring to its predecessor title, makes players never rest while they are in battle and also allows the use of different techniques and strategies to defeat the mobs, that is you you will not encounter monotonous battles at various times.

Also it is important to be aware of the mana that loads quickly, but that can leave you in the misery if not used intelligently. In several moments of our game we died for having used a skill at the wrong time and when we really needed to use it we did not have enough mana or the casting time had not yet been recharged, these aspects in turn, in our opinion, make the pretty fun fight.

Dungeons & Dragons

The Dungeons are one of the great highlights of the Mu Legend universe, these are automatically generated and divided into levels of difficulty and allow players to reward several rare equipments, the chance to get them increases according to the level of difficulty.

And of course each dungeon has a boss, which in general are a little complicated and time consuming to be individually defeated, even at the normal level, as the levels of the mobs are updated according to the level of the player. So if you left that dungeon behind to evolve some levels and gain more power, when you come back to complete it, it will still be a bit difficult.

In addition, each boss has different abilities and Artificial Intelligence that force players to stay focused so they will not be surprised.

In the dungeon quest, Mu Legend offers an incredibly fascinating experience.

Cash Shop

The Cash Shop, at least in the Open Beta, pleased us a lot and looks like it’s not Pay-to-Win. The game does not offer loot boxes and items that give too many attributes. You can find items such as resurrection stones that allow you to revive at the place of death, and mounts that only give an increase in the speed of movement of your character, however at level 20 you get one in the natural course of the missions.


Although not so observed by the players, the sound quality has an important role in MMORPGs, which is to make the game more immersive and MU Legend pleased us in this question.

The soundtrack and the sound of the ambiance are great, it is possible at times to notice the presence of sour sounds of its predecessor.


Currently the game only counts on 1V1 training duels, but the team of developers has already confirmed the implementation of PvP content and 3V3 combats with MOBA elements that should be added soon. There is no information if the title will feature Castle Siege combats and open PvP zones as its predecessor, which can be a plus and minus point depending on each style of player.

Taking into account that the game is in Open Beta and new content updates are coming, it is a bit difficult to evaluate and detail the PvP of the game.

Gems, Equipment, Craft, Wings

Gems and equipment enhancement items like their predecessor are also present in weight and can be purchased through one of the dungeons.

Unfortunately there are not many equipment options, making several characters look similar, but there are ways to stand out, one enhancing the equipment, which will make it brighter, and another changing its appearance in one of the NPCs.

Wings are only obtained through a certain level after the dungeon and provide a small bonus of movement speed and attack, so you will not see them being marketed in stores.

The craft system leaves something to be desired, at least in this Open Beta, because it offers little choice of manufacturing equipment.

Final Considerations

Mu Legend brings a lot of new features to the title and ends up surprising those who simply expected MU 2.0 with updated graphics, but still manages to keep the main ingredients that have made its predecessor a global success and undoubtedly a full plate for enthusiasts of the RPG Online genre.

The title has content that can please both the hardcore and casual player, and promote socialization through the dozens of available dungeons. The progression system is natural and easy when performing the missions, ie it is not a mass process, often the player does not even observe their level.

The combat system, on the other hand, offers a smooth and surprisingly addictive experience that consists of joining a large number of creatures to decimate them all at the same time with graphics-rich abilities.

The game, in its Open Beta, proved to be a captivating title in which new content, such as PvP with MOBA elements, and features only add up, it is good to remember that the graphics are simply stunning.

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