Bethesda Is Working On Implementing Two More DLCs For Elder Scrolls Online

Despite the recent release of the new and expansive expansion dedicated to Morrowind, during this year’s E3 conference, Bethesda announced that its team is currently working on implementing two more DLCs.

The first, titled “Horns of the Reach,” will introduce two new dungeons (Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold), new items including monster mask and new targets to be completed.

At the exit of Horns of the Reach, the base game will receive a free upgrade, which will introduce a new Arcane University map and new Battleground rules (Chaos Ball) as well as new homes, various decor items, Crown Crate and even unusual holiday events. This upgrade will be available to all The Elder Scrolls Online players, but only Morrowind owners will have access to the Battleground content, even without the purchase of Horns of the Reach.

The second DLC, far more full than the former, will be called Clockwork City and will allow us to return for the second time since the Tribunal’s time in the mechanical city of Sotha Sil.

We are reporting the official presentation of Clockwork City: Daedric forces are back in action, and it will be up to you to prevent the catastrophe. With over 10 hours of additional content, Clockwork City is on its way by the end of the year, and has some surprises in store for you. Clockwork City will be a standard DLC and will not require the purchase of Morrowind. For all news on Clockwork City coming in the coming months, keep up-to-date on

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