Brazil Reversal To Win In The FIFA Warm Up Match

Do you like to watch football games? If the answer is “Yes”, let’s go into FIFA world.

The FIFA warm-up match be held at the Stade de France, home to a 3 loss to France, Brazil, Guevara within a head start, Oscar, Neymar and Gustavo connected to the three goals to complete reversal.FIFA warm up match

French first seven minutes almost broke, Valbuena opening corner, Real Madrid defender Guevara header ferry, restricted the right of small Benzema’s header was rescued Jefferson brave. Brazil gradually into the rhythm, the first 20 minutes, in the field after intercepting a pass in front of Oscar, Neymar face edge of the area within Guevara low shot saved by Mandanda. France took the lead on 21 minutes, Valbuena corner, before hoisting a small restricted area Guevara bouncing ball into the net. After Firmino 25 meters was saved by Mandanda. Brazil’s 40th minute equalizer, forward runs after Oscar left cross, after Phil minocycline against live Matuyidi pass, Oscar Tongshe net from 12 meters.

Neither make adjustments at halftime. Gustavo long shots saved by Mandanda. Brazil’s first go-ahead score 57 minutes, crossing the ball back in William, a small area on the left edge of the outer Neymar small angle shot to break, 2-1. France nearly two minutes later to tie the game, shooting a small area on the left side Sissoko was denied Jefferson attack. With Valbuena pass, Benzema small restricted the right of volley tip shot to play high. Gerry Postman 30 meters long shots flying Jefferson has been rescued.

Brazil 69 minutes to expand the Oscar curve ball 20 meters shot was saved by Mandanda, William Milner, Gustavo 10 meters at the top of the bouncing ball to break, 3-1. With Houneimaer pass, William left the restricted area small-angle shot was again denied by the legs Mandanda.

Outstanding performance this season, Lyon midfielder Fekir first national team debut after coming off the bench. But frequent substitutions to make last-minute race to lose rhythm, low shotFekir rub edge of the area wide of the left post.

What an exciting game! what’s your view about this FIFA warm-up match? Please share your opinion with by leaving comments below.

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