Developing More New Content For The Mu Legend

A little background on MU Legend, as we all know it is the official follow up of MU Online and is Developed by Webzen Games. MU Legend is described as a 3D MMO/ARPG, hack and slash style game. Rumors about MU Legend appeared as early as 2004, but it wasn’t until G-Star 2011 Expo in Busan that it really made it’s appearance under the name of MU2 (later changed to MU Legend). Cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling at U4GM is always attracting most gamers to buy.05025Mu Legend is different from most current action RPG games, all classes in Mu Legend has powerful area-of-effect skills, making leveling a truly thrilling and satisfying experience for players of all levels. To learn more about MU Legend, the different classes and features of the game, visit the official website:

Here’s What Some Features Of Mu Legend
A good time killer
Rift instances – nice for gear, making profit, testing weapons, teamwork or stats/skills
It’s good that they have 25 channels for each instance – no worry of enemies being stolen
Solid, satisfying combat mechanics, in-depth character progression but not very innnovative
MU Legend isn’t really different from any other ARPGs, doesn’t seem pay to win but maybe because that’s because it’s in CBT, decent graphics, decent game
The Game doesn’t have much of it’s own personality from the mechanics, to the art, just about everything
Cutscenes and characters speaking during quests – nice touch, skill are basic, some flashy but don’t do anything special

All in all, Mu Legend is a successful game success of MU Online. Indeed, Webzen also stressed that in the coming months, the company will focus on developing more new content for the MU Legend before the global release of the game this summer, which is worth noting. You can buy Mu Legend Zen by visiting official website U4GM.

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