Do You Know The New Play Mode In Madden NFL 18

On the Saturday, EA sports release a wonderful trailer about Madden NFL 18, we could see a new play mode in the video and it is the first story mode in Madden series. Whether it is visual effects, or hearing effects, are quite shocking and gorgeous, you must will love it if you see the trailer, so today I will introduce more details about the new story mode: Longshot.

18madden3Longshot tells a story, the story is a star player called Devin Wade was forgotten as a background. He is a former college star, do not know the reasons for the case, he returned to the network. Then he follow the Wade as he tries to shoot in the NFL stardom and hear his name for the NFL draft day.

Playing the game wanted to watch the same movie, there are storylines, you can also become the protagonist to promote the development of the plot. So the trailer has been released to receive the majority of fans welcome, most people have expressed that this model, add a story in the game after the plot will feel more interesting game.

But you will need a lot Madden NFL 18 coins at the beginning, because you need to buy some valuable play cards and to guild a good team to help you win more in game, so you can only add more long games, feel more fun of the game.

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