Do you think the difficulty of the Foza Horizon 4 update is reduced?

Foza Horizon 4 is a very popular racing game. Why use “everyone”? Because compared with the present, the previous period is more popular with players.

So what happened, let it lose some of the player’s interest? We have come to the following conclusions by reviewing a large number of forums and community comments and comments, and in order to verify the authenticity of these and constantly experience the game.

The primary reason is that the FH 4 connection mode experience is very poor. In FH 3, the developers have done a very good stand-alone mode. So far, many players still like FH 3, but in FH 4, the developer plans Turning to the online mode, although this idea is not wrong, but the server’s online problem, brings a very unfriendly game experience to the players, those who are eager to play with friends or family, have to face the fact that many people The connection mode is very poor. In order to queue, you can’t do anything at all, you can only wait silly, but you may still get nothing.

Secondly, the game’s reward mechanism has rejected some players out of the door. Some top rewards need to be 100% completed, but many players can’t meet the requirements. Although the conditions have been changed to 80% after the recent update, there are still some players. Can’t finish, why is this? To figure this out, you have to go back to the first question, the multiplayer adventure mode. Throughout the season, some of them need to enter the multiplayer connection mode to complete, but the FH 4’s multiplayer connection is not good, resulting in some players unable to go online.

In combination with the above reasons, it can be seen that the root cause of the problem lies in the multiplayer mode of FH 4. It is not that the player does not want to complete 80%, nor does the player hate multiplayer connection, but this function is not good. Give the player a bad impression.

Finally, if you want a top-rated car, but can’t finish the season, you first need to check the auction house, and if not, then look at U4N. Overall, the probability of rare vehicles appearing in these two places is still relatively large.

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