Farming Ranarrs To Make Money In Runescape

There are all sorts of ways to earn RS Gold in Runescape.  Ranarrs to make money is extremely easy, although there are a few requirements. Following shows how to grow them using the Troll Stronghold patch.

earn RS gold

To grow Ranarrs here you need at least level 32 Farming, at least 25,000gp to start, and completion of Troll Stronghold. It’s recommended to have 61 Magic for teleportation, a pair of Magic Secateurs to increase harvests, and completion of Eadgar’s Ruse.

First of all you need to purchase some Ranarr Seeds. They can be bought for 25,000-30,000gp each. Once you have your supercompost and seeds, we must set off for the herb patch. Here is the recommended inventory:

  • Ranarr Seeds to plant.
  • Some runes so to teleport in and out.
  • Some monkfish in case of an attack, either by troll or a random event.

When you have absolutely everything, set off to the herb patch. Learn more ways to earn Runescape Gold using many of the various skills in the game, please visit

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