FIFA 15 Coins with Share Play

Once a Share FIFA 15 Coins session has been established on the soccer title, footage of the game cannot be viewed outside the host console. A message appearing on the guest console reads: “Viewing the game screen that the host is currently playing is not allowed due to content restrictions in your country or region.”

It marks the aboriginal time EA has absitively to prohibit Sony’s Share Play functionality on one of its games. In backward October, if Sony approved Share Play for the aboriginal time, the aggregation even acclimated a archetype of FIFA 15 ultimate aggregation bill to explain how the affection works.

“FIFA didn’t block Share Play. Issue afflicted abounding amateur on the PS ancillary and it has been fixed,” EA Sports’ chief communications administrator Paul Marr told the Huffington Post.

GameSpot reported Friday that Sony’s online pass-the-controller multiplayer service was having issues particularly with “FIFA 15 Coins for Sale.” It said the visiting player is unable to see the footage shown on the host’s (the console owner) gaming screen.

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