FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of The Week Features

There is a good news about big draw for football fans from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, and the Week package are delivered for the development team, which allows lots of superstars as Ashley Young, Benteke and Lewandowski to be available.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

In the attack line, players can get access to the Bayern and the Villa strikers, as well as Denis, all of them offering solid choices for a team looking for goals. For the new Ultimate Team package, gamers will get the following midfielders: Shirokov, Young, Calhanoglu and Jose Callejon, able to create changes and spaces for offensive. The defensive line is made up of three players: Wendt, Clerc and Danilo, lesser-known but solid when it comes to stopping attacks. The goalkeeper of the Team of the Week is Handanovic.

Gamers also get a full complement of substitutes that will probably end up being quickly sold in order to fund future purchases on the transfer market. The developers have also announced that they are planning to tweak the mode in order to give gamers more power and to improve the overall level of fairness.

Coins are important in Ultimate Team, and EA Sports says that it is planning to launch more events that allow gamers to get access to them so that they have a solid revenue stream to use for new content.

There are no plans to offer coins directly as store purchases for real world money. The prices associated with the best players in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team will continue to be tweaked to make sure that as many gamers as possible get access to the best players in the sim. There are also plans to improve the mobile and the web app for the game.

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