FIFA squad with silver FIFA player

I didn’t wanna put the H word in the title so the thread could survive a bit longer, but yeah it’s one of those.

I’ve played against 2 squads with Junior Malanda (I know i know) in it. Both games, my team couldn’t take a first touch for their lives. On Futscope my passsing % is 76. Against these squads it’s always 69 or lower. Doesn’t sound like much but it really is.

Both the players i played against were good players and good records but it’s ridiculous. A silver player gives you a huge advantage.
And to kinda prove my frustration, I absent to a aggregation with MOTM Giroud, SIF De Bruyne, IF Miranda, IF Caceres, and Malnda was in there. My NIF Ronaldo was EATEN UP by IF Caceres. Yield a attending at one of the goals he scored
Sorry i don’t have a game capture, but it’s the first 2 replays, different angles.

I mean… how does this happen… His SIF De bruyne is in the position right infront of the gk… I call my Goal Keeper out to grab the ball, because it was in his range, None of my defenders are in the area, or marking him… the ball even goes through my GKs hand.

Threads always get locked because you complain about Handicap. The “Mods” say there isn’t a handicap and lock it. It’s complete bs. They know the deal. There is a Handicap. they don’t want the fire to spread.

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