Final Fantasy XIV Is A Remarkable Achievement

It was a remarkable achievement when director Naoki Yoshida and his team at Square Enix brought Final Fantasy XIV from the brink of death. They’d done the seemingly impossible, and over four million players have enjoyed the fruits of that success.


However, two years later, Yoshida would have to show fans of Final Fantasy XIV that they could not only continue to build upon their redeeming MMO, but exceed it. Heavensward takes the strengths of A Realm Reborn, and just builds upon them. The writing, already gripping and addictive, is taken to new heights. The expansions zones are bigger and better than ever, and players can take advantage of their verticality with the introduction of flying mounts.

Along with the reptilian Au Ra race, three interesting jobs – Dark Knight, Machinist, Astrologian, and free company crafting, Final Fantasy XIV has proven once again why it’s one of the best MMOs out there, and there’s very little reason why you should not be playing it, today.

The wait for Heavensward had me in all sorts of excitement, just like when you’re waiting for the next season of your favourite TV show. See, Final Fantasy XIV has a truly amazing story. A lot of MMOs these days use their narrative to loosely bind a dozen or so systems together. They feel empty, hollow, almost like an afterthought. What about your views? share it with us by leaving comments below.

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