Final Fantasy XIV Mac’s Purchaser Will Get Refunds

Square Enix has Suspends Final Fantasy XIV Mac Sales since the poor communication of system requirements and widespread disappointment with performance. Square Enix states that they will offers refunds to purchaser.

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Players who purchased the Mac client through Square Enix’s online store can apply for a refund here. Players who purchased via third party retailers are directed to contact their place of purchase. Yoshida says Square Enix has taken steps to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Sales of the Mac client will be suspended until players have enough information to make an informed purchase.

We have judged that there is still a lack of information on the Mac version and its system requirements. We are planning to make an announcement which will include detailed information on the product, system requirements, and screen resolution. Until this is done, and I am personally satisfied that our users are adequately informed, we will be suspending the sale of the Mac version.

It’s so great to see the publisher stepping up and potentially taking a financial hit in the name of customer satisfaction. FFXIV will be better! Read more FFXIV info, follow us on facebook.

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