Final Fantasy XIV’s Story Is Spectacular

Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 into A Realm Reborn back in 2013. This new expansion not only demonstrating that a gorgeous, content-rich and regularly updated subscription-based MMORPG was still a viable prospect, but also attracting scores of new players into the virtual world of Eorzea.


As the most narrative-rich MMOs, the Final Fantasy XIV’s prerequisite content has been adjusted and rebalanced to ensure that players can get through it and into Heavensward as painlessly as possible with minimal grinding: simply following the main A Realm Reborn quest will now see you happily outfitted in good quality gear by its conclusion, ready to begin your new adventures.

Previously, the game necessitated a certain degree of replaying old content to earn enough FFXIV Gil to purchase this gear, but now main story quests provide you with everything you’ll need to survive your first foray into Ishgard and beyond.

Heavensward’s main story is spectacular, with a series of dramatic moments throughout that are among the series’ most memorable. The overall plot deals with themes such as the unquestioning adoption of religious dogma and how that can lead to societal problems such as racism–or in this case, speciesism, thanks to the conflict between the Ishgardians and the Dravanian dragons.

Besides, Heavensward captures the feel of a traditional Final Fantasy even better than A Realm Reborn had, due to some excellent writing and strong characters, presented with a delightfully theatrical tone throughout, which builds on the substantial lore introduced in the game’s previous incarnations.

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