Lore Of Albion Online As Well As Landfall Of Novel

Next week, the novel Landfall is going to be published by The Albion online, for its game’s website, and it’s specifically targeted at the lore of Albion has been launched, Along with numerous cheap albion online gold for sale.



Landfall catches the lore and history in Albion Online and records them on paper to have a better gameplay. It is written by English author Peter Newman about the past history. Leaving you the future to create, you are now not playing games only but more of discovering and writing history! Maybe the next novel will have your name on. Many players are dedicated to buy cheapest albion online silver.


This new section features extensive background information on Albion Online, including a historical timeline and event descriptions, as well as detailed explanations of all of Albion’s factions and their sub-factions, such as Colonists, Royals, Heretics and Undead, among others.

Interested players can now learn about the ancient war between Albion’s factions via access UPAlbion.com that devastated the lands of Albion and covered it in mists up until the player’s arrival. Additionally, it describes places like “The Old World”, “The Demonic Planes” and “The Land of the Undead” that are in fact ‘outside’ Albion’s world, however hold a strong influence on the overall lore development.

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