NBA 2K17: Lost MT And Thanksgiving MyTeam Moments Challenges

Just recently, due to NBA 2K17 dropped a series of Thanksgiving Moments Challenges for MyTeam players, to that end, they also are broken or removed. Even if 2K support can’t offer details solutions, nonetheless, for those devotees, they are getting disappointed. Players have stated that they will continue to focus on NBA 2K17 MT PC, notably, if missed it and they would be frustrated.


Issues cropped up yesterday on the NBA 2K subreddit, and the controversy has yet to subside. Specifically, two of the six seasonal challenges refuse to dole out their designated rewards, and some now offer VC instead of MT. As a result, 2K has removed the bugged content, but lots of deserved currency still hasn’t been delivered.

The two scrapped challenges in question featured Wilt Chamberlain and Jason Kidd. The latter might still be available on some consoles, but we’d advise waiting for it to be fixed before trying to accomplish it on the ladder.

Despite holding their opponents to the correct number of points, NBA 2K17 still displays the challenge as failed. To make matters worse, all previous challenges must be completed before unlocking the next one. In other words, any broken parts in that chain potentially leave MyTeam enthusiasts at a standstill. Cheap Virtual Currencies especially for NBA 2K17 MT PS4 attract to avid players.

As expected, there was lots of communication between gamers and the 2K Sports support team in the hours to follow. One captured email suggested that there was a designated minimum score for the Kidd challenge, but nothing in the game suggested that. In these holiday hours responses have been slow, so loyalists are getting restless.

As those who follow NBA 2K17 closely will know, however, these recent glitches and bugs aren’t all that uncommon for this year’s title. Lost MT from challenges hasn’t just happened on Thanksgiving. It’s been a chronic problem for months.

In fact, one particularly disgruntled fan suggested filing a class action lawsuit against the game’s publisher a few weeks ago. A major content update also went live earlier this week to address some significant shortcomings. This MyTeam glitch apparently didn’t make the changelog.

It seems to that Thanksgiving could be a lost cause, nevertheless, in the coming weeks and months, more challenge awaits for us and we need to complete. Essentially, it’s safe to say that lost MT might be wasted time, however, in the future, we expected to that it can be addressed.

Now that NBA 2K17 already launched on PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3 as well as Xbox One, if you were a MyTeam enthusiasts, you would also check out our most recent collection of locker codes. Some players have a good mind to buy NBA 2K17 MT online.

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