NHL 18: Ramjagsingh Discussed The Possibility Of The Franchise

As NHL 18 Senior Producer Sean Ramjagsingh, he mentioned the possibility of the franchise on EA’s powerhouse Frostbite engine. He emphasized that their sole focus was on delivering best feature set possible that best replicates the speed, skill and creativity of the new NHL. Unfortunately, the NHL franchise is the only one not to make the move to Frostbite.NHL 18Ramjagsingh points out that Frostbite is a great opportunity for the NHL franchise. Ramjagsingh said: “The Defensive Skill Stick is something both the dev team and fans have wanted for a long time.” he added: “We’re really pleased with the end result as it’s adding a major tool to the defensive toolkit.”

The NHL 18 Beta comes in at a whopping 17 GB of HDD space when you go to download it on PS4. While the game does take up a lot of space, it doesn’t include every mode in the game. For the big change to NHL 18, it can be said that new NHL THREES mode is the main changes. It features a completely different UI and presentation style to the normal game complete with an over-the-top announcer.

The pacing is a little bit faster in this mode, the rink is smaller, penalties result in penalty shots, hits are harder, and goalie contact is allowed. There are even times when goals will be worth two or goals will take away goals from the other team. Beside that new NHL THREES mode, including also others mode, read more at here.

The graphicals of NHL 18 is similar to NHL 17, the game already looked pretty good, but something extra would have been nice. The NHL 18 Beta has a distinctly different feel to it than NHL 17. This game feels a lot more like a simulation than it did last year. As anticipated, the amount of gamers is huge for whose choose to buy NHL 18 Coins.

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