PoE – The Road To LvL100 in SSFHC Data and Reflections

Hello fellow exiles! I finished the grind to 100 in SSFHC on an ED Trickster the other day and recorded some data along the way. I thought I would throw it out on here to see how it compares to other people’s experience, and maybe start a discussion about a few topics too.

Data and Reflections

Here is the data I recorded. Note: this is not intended to be a scientific statistical analysis or anything. It’s just what I found, and what a typical player might encounter if they play to level 100 solo in hardcore.

I found 15 exalted orbs, 13 divine orbs, and 8 orbs of annulment on my trip to 100. I also picked up silver coins until the end and I have 710. Finally, I collected fusings until the end too. After converting jewelers, I found around 800 fusings going from level 97 to 98, 1400 going from 98 to 99, and about 1900 going from 99 to 100. Worth noting is that 5 of the exalts dropped going from 99 to 100. I also finished a set of Saint’s Treasure for 2 more exalted.

I found every non-restricted unique in the game other than two: Koam’s Heart and Skyforth. Everything else dropped, including all flasks, build-enablers like Shavs, Tukohamas, Lycoside, etc etc, usually in multiple copies. I say this to embolden players who want to try SSF but are afraid they will be too limited on builds; you might not find the one item you want, but you’ll probably find something good! On the other hand, I didn’t see any un-corrupted 6-link drops.

PoE is an awesome game, and GGG is an awesome company. The grind from 97 to 100 was terrible and I really wanted to give up, because I had so much loot accumulated and I desperately wanted to reroll and try a new playstyle. I improved a lot from Harbinger to now, and I have some ideas for how I want to improve next league too. I love that PoE has such a long learning curve.

Bestiary beasts – these guys were great. The yellows were better after the buff, but the reds really shined, because they didn’t just fall over, and they actually did damage to you when they were alive, making you move around the field. These and Abyss rares are great for the game I think, and I hope GGG adds even more high-health/damage resistant mobs in the next league. I had some epic fights where an abyss would path into a red beast, and I’d like to see more of that kind of stuff. https://www.u4gm.com/

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