Survive the Storm Tips in Fortnite

The Survive the Storm is actually really quite similar to defending your Stormshield. You are tasked with defending an increasing number of generators. During the day, you build. During the night, you defend. You do this for whatever number of days you chose on the map selection. They used to go up to 14-day affairs where they took a four-hour time commitment and there was a strong chance you would crash on the 13th day, but they trimmed it down to a max of 7 days now at different power level suggestions of 15, 40, and 70.

Unlike other missions, Survive the Storm is a marathon, not a sprint. Its map is large and has many materials, but you only have a limited time to build, farm, and craft between each wave, so you better come packin’.

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The above are the basics, and if you use only the basics, you can survive the storm. However, there are always a few tips to make things easier on yourself.

  • Consider a Premade Team – Fortnite PVE has a serious AFK/Griefer/Tradescum problem lately. There was a certain charm in knocking this event out with randoms in the past, but these days there is a high chance of some AFKer being put in there and you being put at a disadvantage. This chance rises the longer the event goes on. It might be better trying to round up some like-minded individuals.
  • Farm Beforehand – You should go in with Fortnite weapons and a big ol’ stack o’ traps, but you should also have materials to rebuild these things if needed. You get material infusions and you can farm the map, but you will want to strongly consider doing a farming run beforehand, especially for precious nuts and bolts. You’ll bust through a lot of bullets.
  • Use a Buddy System – When night falls and the husks spawn, they will do so from two locations, often on two different sides. The best system for this is to use a buddy system where two players take one side and two players take the other. However, this is a team effort and you need not stick to your side if the other is struggling and the traps are keeping your side pretty dull.
  • Conserve Your Metal – On Survive the Storm maps, there is some metal, but not nearly as much. You will want to save metal for around your generators and build your kill tunnels and other trap bases from brick or even wood if they aren’t going to be lobbed at. As this new map is a desert biome, expect more stone than the wood-centric previous forest biome maps.
  • Stay Out of Kill Tunnels – This is solid life advice for any mission in Fortnite, but it is kind of super crucial in Survive the Storm. If you have a wave that is heavy on Hank Hill propane husks, kill them before they get near a trap tunnel, use body shots, or let your traps handle it. If one tosses a propane tank because you are in the kill tunnel, it will wreck it. Furthermore, if your traps have killed a few and their propane tanks are left behind inside, it is a nuclear bomb waiting to go off.
  • Build Away From the Generators – You have a lot of space and the spawns are usually pretty far away. During the first wave you can build pretty close to the generator, but as things go on, you will want to branch out. The further out those husks are killed, the better.
  • Ceilings Over Spawns – You can build ceilings over spawns. In order to use this technique, you need to have the walls supporting the ceiling built far enough from the spawn tornados. Those walls will get destroyed when they spawn if too close, but the ceilings will not, even if they are directly overhead. So build the walls far away and build a ceiling out over the spawn. It’s not necessary, but useful.

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