The Elder Scrolls Online Is A Return To Try Something Different

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a return to trying something different. As an MMO it was never going to be exactly the same as the most recent single player games in design, although it did borrow much of the UI from Skyrim. For many fans, some of the failures to match up with the older games were of great note and sorrow. These include plot lines that seem to conflict with some other points, game system changes, a lack of explanation for where these events fade from history, and a notable shift in the world map, specifically around Daggerfall. Where these changes are all possible, they do raise many questions about how the lore from the timeline of ESO reaches that of the other games.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is set to make some major changes to Bethesda’’s MMORPG, with a list of planned improvements for the new expansion that rivals the exhaustive patch notes gamers often expect out of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft updates. While the biggest news coming out of Morrowind is undoubtedly the inclusion of a new class in The Elder Scrolls Online, however, many of the game’s biggest fans have stayed in Bethesda’s online world thanks to its expansive, Tolkien-esque game world and narrative.

Over the course of time, ESO has evolved to try to become something closer to the normal Elder Scrolls experience. Changes have included work to minimize the linear nature of levels in the game with regard to areas in the game, work on making exploration and thievery work, and housing. In fact, thievery actually requires somebody around to notice in ESO, a vast improvement from the mysterious Omniscience of npcs about who stole their stuff in Skyrim.

Whether The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is simply more of the same solid content or another evolution for the MMORPG won’t be a mystery for long, though – the expansion releases in just over a month, and there are millions of players waiting to let the world know.

Most recently ESO had chosen to return to Vvardenfell. How true this representation, and how much may have changed in history and lore, is something that will surely be debated across the internet. Get your popcorn ready folks, somebody is sure to be wrong! For more game news and reviews, check out the latest news of ESO or visit the website at

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