The Elder Scrolls Online: New Archetype – The ZooKeeper

After a long pause, the official website has just relaunched the Battlemaster’s Corner, presenting the archetype of the Zookeeper.


This archetype is based on a Warden, the new class of TESO, and mainly uses Vigor. Taking advantage of the versatility of this class, his skills combine attack, care, improvement and Ransack. Even if this archetype is rather solo and PvP oriented, it has enough to do well in a group or in PvE, although it is not its main purpose. It is interesting to note that the author has specified the distribution of champion points he advises, as well as his combat technique.

Our new Battlemaster Corner introduces the new class of The Elder Scrolls Online, the Warden! You will discover the Zookeeper, a new archetype developed by Voxicity!

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