The Goebie Homeworld And Runescape Raids

Many years ago, Tuska gorged on their planet, and a taskforce of warriors remained to act as cruel overlords. The goebies is a strange race of frog-like creatures who call Mazcab their home who have a serious airut problem, you will get to meet it, step through Tuska’s portal.

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The planet itself is packed full of new, exciting content for all types of players. We’ll have plenty of news and videos about that in the near future, so I’ll just give you a quick rundown now:

First up are raids. These epic adventures offer a new take on high-level boss fights, for groups of up to 10 players. Each raid boss has very different gameplay, with plenty of teamwork required even to reach each fight. There’ll be two bosses with this first release, with plenty of plans for more in the future, growing in difficulty and rewards.

There are raid feats that a series of absurdly hard combat challenges for the truly dedicated warrior. There’s also a new safe PvP activity, where you’ll move vital supplies between goebie camps. Besides, there’s plenty of exploration. Mazcab is far more than a home for boss fighters – there’s a whole world to discover! Find lore fragments, complete mini-quests and get lost in the Dungeoneering-style forest that changes faster than a speeding kebbit.

Rewards include new tier 90 tank armour with set effects in all combat styles, five new abilities, tradeable until they’re claimed, new titles, pets and fast travel options, just to name a few.

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