The Major Changes of FIFA 16 Moble

I picked up FIFA 16 from the app store earlier today, thought I’d share what are the major changes.

1. Achievements
The amount of achievements you can get are lesser now. Instead, you get a bunch of new achievements every day which are rather random (e.g. “Score a goal with a player from Club xxx or Nation xxx). This is probably for the better.

2. Player Exchange
This is one of the more exciting features to come to FIFA 16 so I thought I’d try it out. I opened a Bronze Pack (refer to Item 3) and I got a silver, rare bronze and bronze player. (NOTE: ONLY TRADEABLE PLAYERS CAN BE USED FOR THE PLAYER EXCHANGE). As the minimum amount of players needed is 2, I put my rare bronze and bronze up. How this works is that the amount and quality of the players you put up determines what you get from the “machine”. However, it is purely based on luck. On my first go, a rare bronze and bronze got me a rare bronze 55 rated player, but there was a free option to spin again (might be limited, idk) and I got a silver player from that – which I guess is a pretty decent profit. Seems very exciting and a good addition to FUT.


3. Packs
Packs have changed. Since EA do not want to screw up the console market, they are trying out a bunch of new packs on mobile. A significant change is that most packs have the amount of items halved, but not the percentage of rare cards. For example, a 400 coin bronze pack now brings you 6 cards and 1 rare.

4. All da new cardz
Formation cards, morale cards, holy shit so many random stuff I’ve never seen before. Now, you can actually BUY formation cards/position cards etc from the market. Morale cards actually affect gameplay (from what I’ve seen in simulating matches) whilst most other cards affect chemistry. Really interesting. Also, it seems that there are “rewards” from achievements which actually include random “Items Packs”, “Morale Packs” or “Stadium Packs” etc. As you can tell from their name, they only give what is specified – I don’t think they are on the store though.

5. Coins
The amount of FIFA coins gained from matches is lesser now. For simulated games, it’s from 20-50, and for played games it is around 50-100. Quite disappointing, if you’d ask me.

6. Gameplay
The Gameplay now is definitely much smoother (an improvement from last year) although it is quite hard to get used to the new controls. A main difference I saw was that there isn’t any more option to slide tackle (I think), it’s been replaced by a button “tackle”. Also, “Clear” is a button used for clearances while defending. Haven’t tried out skill moves yet, but I’ve heard they have added in some for this game.

7. Price Ranges
Yes guys, price ranges. Oh shit. From what I can tell, there are 127 players on the market right now and the only one below 400 is a shit bronze player. It makes 100% more sense to buy packs now (Oh wait, what was that about FIFA points?). Since my club is quite bad, I only got to put a silver up for sale and his price range was 1200-1600. Yes, it’s THAT narrow. How the hell a no-name African-league 66 rated non-rare silver is going to sell puzzles me. But oh well, live with it.
Sorry for the wall of text, I’m just dumping all my thoughts. Hope it clarifies my doubts for all y’all people.


EDIT: Possibly down to my playing abilities, but I have played 2 matches, and lost both to ridiculously late goals (86th and 120th minute respectively). It seems like it’s really easy to dribble through opponents in easier difficulties but it is hard to play passing games.

SECOND EDIT: After much more gameplay, I have to admit it is definitely improved from last year. Switching to Classic controls really did it for me, although a few things – 1) the shooting is a bit harder this year, perhaps might just be me. 2) Celebrations have been added, and they are cool I guess. They give you three buttons with 4/4/1 options, and you just hit them in some random sequence or something. 3) Throw ins are better – now you can control both the thrower and the receiver.

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