The Purpose That EA Do FIFA 15 Price Range Update

There are a lot of criticisms for FIFA 15 Price Range update over the past couple of weeks. The gamers complain that coin sellers hold the franchise and carry out the unfair gaming environment in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. These criticisms have been sustained, and the gamers appeared very frustrated when they face to social media.

FIFA 15 coins

The changes consisted of a new price ranges on all players in FUT, which means every player can only be sold for a price with in a specific range, and made accessing the transfer market via the webpage or companion app impossible, all in a bid to stop illegitimate coin sellers and farmers who, EA claimed, were “harming your experience” as they inflated the market by flooding the economy with fraudulent in-game currency. This led to the rise in cost of players, making the highest rated players hard to attain.

Putting price restrictions on the footballers also makes it quite difficult for coins to be bought by the players in the most traditional and easiest way, as a lowly rated card can no longer be purchased for an unrealistically high amount of coins.

These changes have been met with brunt criticism from players, with many saying that it has changed the core Ultimate Experience and think that the move it little more than EA penny grabbing.

But EA have defended their decision in a recent blog post, saying they want the game to be fair and fun for every player.

They said:“Since implementing these changes, we’re seeing positive signs of restoring balance to the FUT economy and mitigating some of the negative effects of exploitation within the game.”

However, mechanical problems have arisen from the price ranges too, as claims have been made that some players have been priced out of the market, as they’re unattainable.

EA are combating this by constantly adjusting the price ranges of players and said that::“Since the introduction of Price Ranges, we’ve already made more than 650 adjustments to player pricing, with a focus on the highest value players available in the FUT economy. The introduction of Price Ranges has helped restrict illegitimate coin transfers on the FUT Transfer Market, and balance player item prices so they reflect the current marketplace, but finding that right balance will take some time – we have a team dedicated to finding that balance.”

People consider that the action of EA is pure greed, since they do everything just for further monopolizing the market for soccer gaming. Well, what is your attitude to the new Price Range update? Please share your views by leaving comments below.

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