The Runescape Skill — Legends’ Guild

The Legends’ Guild is home to the most adventurous and successful questers in RuneScape. It offers several useful perks, including a totem where you can charge Combat Bracelets, two stores where you can buy various helpful items (including the world-famous Legends’ Cape), and a dungeon where you can train.

The Legends’ Guild is just northeast of East Ardougne and south of Seer’s Village. The three main ways to get there include:

  • Leather BootsWalking from Seers’ Village or Ardougne.
  • Dramen StaffFairy Ring code “BLR”.
  • Combat BraceletTeleporting to the Ranging Guild with a Combat Bracelet, and then walking southeast to the Legends’ Guild.

This is the front gate of the Legends’ Guild. As you walk by, the guards will salute you because you are a Legends’ Guild member. As you head to the main building you should see a little house where you started Legends’ Quest where Sir Radimus Erkle used to be. You can find some Papyrus on his desk, as well as a Machete in the Cupboard.

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