Use Your Rewards During Runescape Tuska Event

In Runescape, you can spend point earned by talking to the faction representatives and opening the reward shop during the Tuska event. Following is reward from opening shop.

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World Eater armour: this is the new warpriest set. It’s hybrid armour, with stats equivalent to 25, 50 or 75, depending on your Defence level. Note that level 75 stats are only available to members. Wearing the full set gives you a chance to max-hit enemies in combat.

Tuska’s Wrath: this basic ability deals huge damage – based on a multiple of your Slayer level – to monsters you’ve been assigned by a Slayer master. Note that this doesn’t affect some more powerful enemies, such as the Queen Black Dragon.

Cosmetic Overrides: god spear (two-handed melee) and telescope (off-hand magic).
Previous World Event armour and abilities.

The four titles unlocked and increase levels of total damage to Tuska by dealing.

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