What Is Unreleased Content In Bless Online?

Bless Online where your choice matters. Explore the immense world and face your challenges alone or join up in groups to partake in massive warfare to determine your fate and reap the rewards. In Bless Online, Do you know the unreleased content?

Bless Online

Fedayin Race – Hieron:

The Iblis race came from another world. In their homeworld, they were the elite of society. As a result of a rebellion they raised, they were banned from this world and joined the Hieron Empire. They remember their past mistakes and do not want to repeat them. They now protect the boundary of the Holy Empire from an invasion of evil.

Iblis Race – Union:

Just like the Fedayin, the Iblis came from another world. That world was ruled by the Devil’s advocates, but the rebellion changed much. They retreated to this continent, leaving everything behind. Since the retreat, they rejected ancient knowledge and have now forgotten the skills that permitted movement between worlds. They are now cut off from ever returning home.

Siren Race – Union/Hieron:

The Siren’s home was destroyed by an eruption of an underwater volcano. A small group survived by taking refugees in a large ship and eventually washed ashore on the continent. The Siren commune with nature and are concerned with their survival, attempting to recreate their species along with their former power. They are renown as the most gifted swimmers, divers, and sailors and have amazingly beautiful voices.

Warlock Class:

“Betray anyone but the Devil.” – Gatekeeper Herodion

Warlocks summon demons from other dimensions as an extension of their arms.
They found a way to control and guide their pets, allowing them to use them to crush their enemies. Warlocks are banned by many species because of the chaos they spread and are often exiled from their own races.

To this day, the “Devil” stories about Warlocks drift even to children, bringing horror and fear.

Dynamic Weather System:

Neowiz told us that there will be a Dynamic Weather System in the future.

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